Highland Fire by Hannah Howell

Title: Highland Fire. Author: Hannah Howell. Genre: Historical Romance. Paperback: 384 pages. Publisher: Zebra; Reprint Edition (June 1, 2008). Description: Swept overboard and stranded on the rocky shores of Scotland, Moira Robertson is left with only the tattered clothes on her back-and the mysterious stranger who came to her aid on the ship. Although their close surroundings unsettle her, she soon cannot resist his touch which awakens a burning ache deep within her. But can she trust her life-and her heart-to this darkly seductive man? Tavig MacAlpin is a condemned man. Accused of a murder he did not commit, his escape is thwarted by a flame-haired beauty. He must continue his search for justice, but fate has bound him to this Scottish lass-and to a slow, sensual desire that will not be denied.

Review: Sometimes I just want to read a bad book. My brain gravitates to my stack of TBR books, ones that I suspect may be a vacation for my brain. I am not looking for a terrible book. Just one that is "bad" enough to give me a break from actually using any brain power. I have this theory, which is probably completely correct (or not), that our brains are incredibly insightful. That meat rattling in our skulls pick up on the tiniest cues. And I think my brain was leading me to the number one "bad" book in my stacks. Sadly this book exceeded my expectations. Meh. It was a tough decision whether I thought the first paragraph was bizarre in a good way or a bad way. A man in obvious disguise. A puffy, soft belly. Like all the fake Santas wear. Skinny, but oh so strong, legs and arms. It could have been entertaining if it wasn't a train wreck.