Book Review: Highland Fire by Hannah Howell

I decided to give the book a try, even if the writing and story thus far had me concerned. However, the book slapped my face with the worst plot device ev-ah! You know the one... Love at first sight! Blah. I stopped believing in that sometime in the womb. I am sure that some ladies (and maybe men... I am sure there are guys out there who read romances... right?) out in the world who thoroughly enjoy the idea of LaFS. I just find it a cheap way of hooking characters up without actually having them become closer in a more natural way. I believe in lust at first sight. But most often the key word is "love." Sure. So the main character dude is convinced that he and this stranger girl are "mates." I cringed at the word. And it isn't what you think. Nope. I don't like the word because it is somehow deemed by the author to be romantic. A sort of destiny thing. Now if this were a drag you back to the cave, no feelings involved, story I would accept the word. But since this is supposed to be a sweet, happy romance I despise the use of the word. I skimmed this book. Just as a warning. You may ask if I am a totally fair judge of the book. And I answer Yes! 

Elf sword

I am sure I could have enjoyed a passage or two in the book that I did not read (but I doubt it). You could not force me to read this one though. After I read the last pages in the book (yes I skipped to the end) I heartily threw the book on the floor. Now this book had something else I really don't like. Besides a consistently stubborn and dense heroine. I know she is dense and stubborn because I read the last pages. See I wasn't made to suffer. I think I chose correctly. Anyway... this book has characters that speak in dialect! Oh sweet joy! Dialect. Scottish dialect to be exact. Save me now. It's all "ken" and "verra" and "dinnae" (not sure on the last one, but you get the point). I was gonna kill someone. The word "bonnie" was used too! Argh! No! I have an aversion to the word. Especially when "lass" is attached. It was like I stepped into Satan's living room! Hellish! I don't think I'd mind dialect if it was similar to a Robert Burns poem. But I just get the American trying to speak like a Scot vibe. Which always causes me to run away with my ears plugged (if I were watching a movie). I ran away. Rating: Did not finish. Would not recommend this book, unless you like the author and/or if you are fond of Scots dialect.