It isn't The Dogs (part one)

Seriously my stress and anxiety is not over the dogs. It is over the people that unfortunately go with the dogs. I don't need to scale back or take a break from my dogs I need people to take responsibility for their actions. I love every single one of my adopters. I have meet some really really amazing people along the way. I have even been privileged to call some of the wonderful people my friends. Heck some of my adopters I even invited to my wedding b/c I have had such a wonderful relationship with them. And some I even do non dog related things with. It isn't my adopters who stress me out. Even though some are way higher maintenance then others, that is ok. I am here for everyone who has adopted from me, when it comes to their dog(s). And some I have even gotten jobs at my work. Don't get me wrong, if I can help I can but the demands demands people have put on me this week. People call all the time demanding I do this or I do that. Come get this dog right now? Huh? Um how about no. It just amazes me grown adults act like such spoiled children. Then I have the people that call me telling me all their martial problems. I am not a therapist, leave me alone.