IlluxCon Continues

This is important, not just because of the people involved, but also because of the industries that are represented. What might not be readily apparent (unless you know the players involved) is the breath of experience that was sitting at the front of the room. The field was covered from Film and TV, table top gaming, digital gaming, advertising, publishing, and more. I don't think there was a single question that didn't get answered with numerous points of view from numerous industry perspectives. I'll be honest. I was captivated myself. I walked out of the session with a lot more knowledge about some of the other industries, and a whole lot more respect for the folks in those roles and industries. This was one of the best panels, for me, at the con. I hope the audience got even half as much out of it as I did. After the round table, I dashed over to my space at Le Bistro and kicked of my tour of duty with the portfolio reviews. This is one of my favorite activities. Reviews went until 9 pm, and I'll admit that I was getting pretty toasty towards the end. I got to meet some great folks, and check out what the "kids" are doing in school today. I was floored by a few portfolios. Several of the aspiring artists had a breath and maturity to their work that belied their years. Made me said to realize the time and energy I squandered in my art school years. One Young man was Sam Burley. A quiet young man with a stunning grasp of environments. I really look forward to seeing his work after his next growth spurt. In the mean time... here are a couple of his pieces. Please welcome him to ArtOrder.