Lose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar

Lose weight tips can be found everywhere. Don't believe everything you see or hear but every once in a while you may come across a suggestion that actually works. Apple cider vinegar may just be one of those precious finds. Apple cider vinegar is credited wtih many health giving benefits, including helping to lose weight. Google apple cider vinegar to learn about its healthy promoting properties. I am not normally a fan of what may appear as dietary gimmicks to help you lose weight, but this one really does work according to the testimonies of thousands of people who have benefited from this dieting method. If you want to lose weight healthy and successfully with this diet then it is important to follow the instructions. First of all you need to use organic apple cider vinegar. Normal vinegars such as malt vinegar although they may aid the weight loss process are generally considered to be too acidic and also lack some of the trace elements commonly found in apple cider vinegar. The simple recipe is to drink diluted apple cider vinegar approximately 20 minutes before each meal. If you find the taste difficult to get used to then it is acceptable to add a small amount of honey making it a more palatable drink. Unfortunately nobody really knows for certain why the apple cider vinegar works to help you to lose weight.
There are however three explanations that are considered to be credible and have some scientific basis. Vinegar promotes and enhances the body's own natural potential to dispose of excess fat by allowing a given expenditure of energy to burn more calories than it otherwise would have, thus reducing the number of calories that are stored as fat and enabling the body to lose weight. The extra acidity temporarily created in the stomach and other parts of the digestive system help to make the subsequent intake of food more digestible thereby leading to a more rapid passage through the bowel. Drinking the cider vinegar 20 minutes before the meal acts as an appetite suppressant. This small reduction in food intake along with the other benefits mentioned can result in an improvement in the body's ability to lose weight. But you need to be aware that this is not a lose weight fast program. It invariably takes at least a month before any tangible results will be noticed. In fact any noticeable effectiveness of the diet is often not realized until the 3rd month. It goes without saying that whilst embarking on the diet it is not sufficient to just rely on the cider vinegar to lose weight, it is vital to change your eating habits so that when you have reached your target weight you don't revert back to your old ways and put the weight straight back on.

What's in a Name?

I searched a song with my name. In all these years I never have. I figured someone named Myriam at some point might have inspired beautiful sentiments in a person that would have created beautiful lyrics. On a Sunday morning I turned on youtube and selected the songs with my name. I found three with the spelling slightly different, Miriam, there were more than 3 but I could only stand so much of that music. The lyrics were depressing, horrific to say the least. Who have been these women to evoke such feelings? The first one was King Diamond, a song fitted for a horror movie, "Oh Miriam, why did you have to go and die?". Another one described Miriam, the one who didn't die or the one who died but before she died. Miriam was kind of homely kind of ugly in the face and hands she had nice eyes she had nice breasts and hands and feet but she was small and dark and hurt all over. I think they were describing me after a marathon. I listened to yet one more. The Honeydogs was not much better although it doesn't talk about how ugly Miriam is. Good God, what's in a name that no one has impacted a writer the right way to leave behind some sweet melodies! I am glad I spell my name a little different, maybe throwing a Y in there might inspire some better prose.

The Aluminum Coffee Pot

As a toddler, my divorced mother and I lived with my Grandmother "Mama" Ruby, Granddaddy George and my Uncle Bobby (my mother's only sibling) in downtown Savannah. Someone else in our household on a daily basis was our maid, Janie. I loved Janie to death, especially when she would dress me in pretty little pastel pinafores and we'd go walking, sometimes to the corner confectionary, sometimes to the park, sometimes to the drugstore, but always hand in hand. Janie had been with Mama Ruby for several years and they appeared to be friends as well as employer and empoyee. I remember seeing them sitting on the back porch during a break from cleaning or doing the laundry, sharing a cup of coffee and talking about their respective families while I nearby. Among my favorite possessions was an aluminum set that included a coffee pot, plates, saucers and cups along with knives, forks and spoons. I would place my dolls and teddy bears at a small table, set the table and we'd pretend for hours, using water in my little pot. When I played with it outdoors, I'd "set a table" on the stairs, and Mama Ruby and Janie would smile at me and always made smacking sounds when they drank the water from the small cups I handed to each of them. Janie would say: My, my child… that's some good coffee, because I always told them it was coffee I was serving. The coffee pot actually had a glass top and the insert for coffee grounds and looked so much like my Mama Ruby's coffee pot, I was convinced coffee could be made in it. This photo of a vintage set doesn't show the glass top or the insides, but otherwise, it's pretty darn close to the one I had. Being a presistant little toddler, one day I asked Mama Ruby to make me some coffee in my very own pot. She and Janie looked at each other, and without a word, they both shooed me out of the kitchen, telling me they'd call me when they were ready.
Now in those days, your maid didn't sit at the dining room table with the family, and our kitchen was very small with no seating, so I was in for a surprise when they called me to the kitchen. Since it was known that I clearly wanted all three of us to share coffee from my little cups, they had set quite a table for me to behold. The oven door was lowered all the way down, there was a clean white kitchen towel spread over it and on top was a place setting for three, each plate holding a cookie. Janie had made fresh coffee in Mama Ruby's pot and then poured some into my little aluminum pot, so you can imagine the look on my little face when she poured real coffee into our tiny cups. We sat there for quite a while, eating our cookie and drinking our coffee (mine diluted with lots of milk, of course) and talking about whatever came to mind like we were all grownups. When I asked Janie if they had made the coffee in my pot, she just smiled at me and said: Well child, I suppose you could say that's a real coffee pot you've got there. At the time, I didn't realize she had avoided answering the actual question, but I heard what I wanted to hear and I was beside myself with joy. Then Janie added discreetly: Now you know you can't be using your grandma's stove Jane, but once in a while, we'll make the coffee for you. Will that be okay? With my three year old eyes solemn, I agreed. After that special afternoon, Mama Ruby and Janie would set up the oven/table with my aluminum coffee pot set about once a week and we'd sit around eating a cookie, drinking coffee from my little cups, and talk and laugh with each other. It was heaven on earth for that three year old little southern girl. It also taught me how to be a good employer to hired help as Mama Ruby set quite an example of working side by side with Janie, treating her like she was a member of our family, laughing and talking about things women experienced, not matter the age or race. When I was in my teens and Janie was long passed from this earthly world, I asked Mama Ruby whose idea it was really and she told: Lord baby girl, Janie loved you like you were one of her own and it was all her idea. And that, too, was exactly what I wanted to hear.

Strong and Powerful Sensations

We all need sometimes a good massage, to relax our body and mind, a great massage to surround our senses and to transport us, in the course of it, in a world of strong and powerful sensations, sensual touches, and ultimately, in a world of pleasure, where we can strip everything that is part of our daily, and we get back to our simple existence, full of instincts and desires. Delicate caressing, the touchings in the most sensitive parts parts of the body, offers all the pleasure to the one who enjoys the massage, and will reveal a whole world of perspectives and opportunities for that person to apply once the massage is done. The sensations that everybody having this kind of massage has, are the most diverse, from feeling good, relaxing, escaping from everyday life and everyday world, to the wonderful sensations of full communion with the partner who understands and satisfies the desires, the tacit understanding of what’s going to happen, and more than that, in the last instance, the strongest feeling of total pleasure, dedicated and absolute, of senses delight and arousal. Ancient method of gingering up, and desires development used by Egyptians and Greeks, every masseur has his secrets and applies them for each person that requires the services, depending on everybody’s wishes. Our salon specialized people, who perform sensual massage in London guarantees you time for yourself, in a world that is completely yours, where you are allowed to put in practice the most hidden thoughts and desires. Abandon yourself in the hands of those who have great experience in this old and ancient method of sense stimulating the ones who transformed the massage in some kind of art, by putting into practice the most lurking secrets and most concealed thoughts, whispered in the ear. Do not hesitate, everything is allowed!