What's in a Name?

I searched a song with my name. In all these years I never have. I figured someone named Myriam at some point might have inspired beautiful sentiments in a person that would have created beautiful lyrics. On a Sunday morning I turned on youtube and selected the songs with my name. I found three with the spelling slightly different, Miriam, there were more than 3 but I could only stand so much of that music. The lyrics were depressing, horrific to say the least. Who have been these women to evoke such feelings? The first one was King Diamond, a song fitted for a horror movie, "Oh Miriam, why did you have to go and die?". Another one described Miriam, the one who didn't die or the one who died but before she died. Miriam was kind of homely kind of ugly in the face and hands she had nice eyes she had nice breasts and hands and feet but she was small and dark and hurt all over. I think they were describing me after a marathon. I listened to yet one more. The Honeydogs was not much better although it doesn't talk about how ugly Miriam is. Good God, what's in a name that no one has impacted a writer the right way to leave behind some sweet melodies! I am glad I spell my name a little different, maybe throwing a Y in there might inspire some better prose.