The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

I’m listening to this song on one of my pandora stations, and remembering where i heard it first, while working at a bookstore that had been built inside the castle-like shell of an old theosophical society temple. In some ways, that job was pretty cool, as retail jobs go. So after a bit of googling I find one of the former employees has created a myspace page as internet flypaper trying to get all those people together. I don’t know. I met some people i liked there. Other people I met there, I had some conflict with. Largely, I think, because they disapproved of my not drinking. Frustrated writers can be that way. There’s a weird camaraderie that arises amongst people working together at a crappy retail job. Especially the type that affords a veneer of elite knowledge even if it does not afford elite pay. I occasionally keep in touch with my fellow former box office people (”yes, I used to work for a nonprofit arts organization”).