Psychic Connection

I know that I don't normally write on the weekends, but this hasn't been my usual weekend. I'll have to keep it short today, because I've got to dash to work pretty quickly. Yesterday was a grand day here at the con. I didn't have much in the way of free time, but I sure got a lot out of all the wonderful little things that happened throughout the day. There were few big highlights to my day... As has become the norm, Robh Ruppel and I had our "psychic connection" breakfast gathering. This time, we ended up joining up with Matt Cavotta as well. Another great start to my morning - wonderful conversation, and a nice breakfast. The next big activity was a round table dicussion I was honored to be involved in. The title of the event was "Art Director faq". I have to say though, the audience skipped right past the "frequently asked questions" and jumped into some wonderful thought provoking questions. I loved the way this event played out. It is important to note who was involved: Robh Ruppel from Naughty Dog Games (I love that name, makes me giggle every time I say it); Ben Thompson and Jeremy Cranford from Blizzard Entertainment; Lou Anders from Pyr Publishing and myself from Wizards of the Coast.

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