It isn't The Dogs (part three)

I had one lady email me and ask why I was charging $200 for a dog that was an owner surrender. Doesn't owner surrender mean everything was already done when you got the dog. UM let's think about this lady. The owners gave up their dog. Do you really think they cared enough to do the vet care? No one ever asks "hey I see you spent $3,000 on this dog but the adoption fee is only $200. Are you sure that is enough?" Heck I had a dog for 12.5 months. She received all her shots, rabies, was heartworm tested, given frontline and heartgard for 9 months, received 1 year vaccinations, was wormed, had a dental, was fixed and I feed her for 1 year. her adoption fee was $100. Really people do you think that the rescue made money on her? For the first time in 5 years I turned away an adopter. The women kept accusing me of things, asking questions like "What do I get for $200" she is also the one who questioned why the adoption fee was so high. She said she must have a pure breed but 2 of the dogs she was interested in were mixes. 

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